Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a pipe cleaner can do

The first day I started working with the kids in Chamwino was more than a learning experience. I pulled out 5 pipe cleaners. Just five. And in less then 10 seconds I had a hundred kids mobbing me for the pipe cleaners. They started hitting and punching and knocking me and each other over for these pipe cleaners. Once things settled down a little, I walked around to where some of the kids were playing and just stood there watching them. Their precious little smiles and their little laughs just melted my heart. Most of these kids had been found sleeping under a bridge with no hope in sight. The girls would sell their bodies and some of the other kids would steal just to satisfy their empty stomachs and to feed their siblings. At night, these 4, 5, and 6 year olds would sleep under a bridge with knives clenched tightly on their chests because people would come and try to kill them. By the grace of God, the Chamwino program was started and these kids have found out that there is someone who loves them. They have now found out that they have a saviour that can be the Father that they don't have. When we were telling the kids that God made the world and teaching about creation, they would jump up and down and start screaming in excitement. These kids have found a love that is greater than life itself. They have absolutely nothing, but they couldn't be happier. These have a joy that I can't even describe. They realize that Christ is all the need and that He will satisfy their every need. They rest in that peace everyday. They have found a love, a love that is greater than life itself, and they couldn't be happier. My heart is to take this love, the gospel, to the hopeless and the fatherless and give them and show them a love that no one but Christ himself can give.

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