Tuesday, April 5, 2011

El Salvador- Day 4

Today was a long day. Definately not as hard of a day as yesterday, but it was a good day. We went to Cisna which is a government ran home for kids from age 11-17. The day they turn 18 they are forced to leave and go to the streets. In their caferia there was literally piles of poop. We cleaned all the floors and walls and tables in the cafeteria, poop and all. I will have to say I've never had to clean something so nasty before. But we were so glad to be able to get that nasty place clean :). We played with the boys and taught them the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Part of the team acted it out, and it made it so much more memorable.
Cisna is an old jail. These boys live in old jail cells. So many sick things go on between them. Older boys abuse the younger boys and these kids are left with huge weights and scars from things that have happened to them. One thing we did today was sang "I Can Only Imagine" in spanish and did the sign language to it. Once again, its just unfair that these people have to live like this... And I am blessed to live the way I am.
We just got back from feeding the homeless. That is always my absolute favorite thing to do. We pack bags of food, hop in the back of the truck, and go into the city and hand out food to people on the streets. A lot of the places we go are not safe, but we go knowing that God has called us to do this. My heart is broken for those people, but yet blessed at the same time. I so love this country and these people. I am already dreading Saturday..

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