Thursday, December 4, 2014

Forever Faithful

I was flipping through an old journal I found, and a piece of paper fell out. Sometimes God will speak something to my heart and I'll start writing on whatever I can find. Writing seems to be an outlet for me to process what God is doing in my heart and help me make some sense of jumbled thoughts. What I wrote on this particular piece of scrap paper was hurriedly scribbled, but a year and a half later I'm so thankful I took a minute to write down what God was showing me in that moment.

From my 18 year old self:
 "I learned in a new, grander way that God is forever faithful. This past weekend I graduated high school and was given so many opportunities to reflect on the past 18 years. Every need, He has provided. Every desire of my heart that didn't line up with His fell away... Yet every desire that God placed in my heart was fulfilled- and I can see that clearly on this side of things. When I asked for wisdom and guidance, He was there by my side. When I asked Him to teach me and take me deeper, He did just that. There have been hard times, times when I felt dry, but I look back and see that the desert lands just gave me a greater thirst. I was reminded today that Jesus never forgets."

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  1. I love you friend! And I am thankful you constantly point me to Jesus.