Saturday, May 29, 2010

A not so wonderful start

Well, so far things have not gone quite as planned. But you need a little excitement right?? So as we are in the car on our way to Nashville, Jill realized that she had forgotten her yellow card. Without the yellow card, we don't think she can get into the country. So, we are still in the process of figuring that one out. After a little panicking had taken place on Jill's part, we arrived in Nashville. We arrived at the airport at 5:30 pm and our flight was not until 7pm, we thought we were making great time.. As it turned out, our 7 pm flight had been cancelled, so they put us on a 6 o'clock flight. With atleast thirty pounds of luggage on our backs, we book it through the airport to security. We get through security, and we sprinted to our gate. We made it on right before the plane left. What was supposed to be a 55 minute flight turned into a 2 hour flight with all of the delays due to weather. We were so relieved just to make it to Charlotte, North Carolina.... We get to Charlotte around 11 pm and see that our flight to JFK in NYC had been delayed until 12:09 am, putting us into New York at around 2 am. After much confusion, our flight to NYC ended up being cancelled, and we were stuck in the airport all night. Nothing like pulling an all nighter in an airport on a tile floor!! We had no idea of what to do.. We left it up to Stacey to work her magic. We were up all night talking to grumpy ladies and on the phone trying to re-route our flight getting us into Tanzania.. At this point, all we wanted was just to get to Tanzania, we didn't care how. Jill and I layed on tile floors all night doing what little we could to help just hoping and praying we would get into the country on time. None of us got any sleep, at all.. Our flight ended up being re-routed to Newark, New Jersey putting us in NYC all day and heading out for Dubai tomorrow morning. Well, in my last post i mentioned that there may be a few bumps in the road and some unexpected turns... little did i know.... haha!! Right now we are going on no sleep, and with everything we have we are trusting God. We know there is some reason for all of this, and just trusting that God has this in His hands.

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  1. Well, hopefully you will be getting ready to land in Dubai soon :)
    So thankful you got the flight. God is so good!!
    Still praying for jill's card issue.

    Andy & Melissa should be there soon!!

    Hang in there!