Monday, October 25, 2010


I walked into the orphanage and there was that little girl, crying. Her name was Alexandra. No one paid any attention to her. Everyone just walked right by. I went over there and picked her up. She immediately stopped crying. I was told that her mother abused her and she had just been taken from her family. I began crying while I was holding her thinking "I would give you my life if I could. I don't deserve the blessings I have. I would much rather endure your pain than know that you have to endure this." I was crying her and holding her and praying over her. She began laughing and smiling. The tias (the ladies that take care of them) came to me and were confused.. They said, "we don't understand.... she’s been here for four days and she has cried non-stop.. No one could ever get her to stop crying".. I simply answered, "she just wants love". The only way they tried to get her to stop crying was yelling at her and saying "stop crying!!!".. I began feeding her and the rest of the team came to get me because we were leaving for lunch.. I had to go with them, i couldn't stay there by myself.. So I left for lunch.. I couldn't eat.. all I could think about was feeding her this watery mess that she eats day after day, that has no nutrition in it. I came back from lunch and found her in her bed. I walked in there and she began crying and saying something over and over again.. I called a translator in there to tell me what she was saying. He said "She wants you to pick her up... she thinks you are her mom...." My heart broke... completely... I wanted so bad to bring her home, be her mom, feed her something with substance, and teach her about Christ.. but I couldn't.. in just a few short hours I was going to have to leave.. The time came for me to leave and she began screaming as I walked out the door.. I thought, this is one more person who has walked out on her.. i just sat down in the bus and began balling watching as she stood at the door crying... I couldn't handle it.. I told her (although she didn't understand me) that I would do whatever it would take to get back to her. Here in the states, I think about her daily, but I have to trust that she is in God’s hands. I pray for her daily, and if you don't mind please pray for her too.

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