Saturday, November 13, 2010

I walk into Cipi and I hear a baby crying. I walk to the back, and find him laying in his crib with no one caring enough to pick him up or even notice that he's crying. I pick him up and immediately he stops crying, he just wanted someone to hold him. No one knew how old he was or even what his real name was. He was abandoned at birth. My heart ripped as I held him, thinking about the life he has ahead of him. He will be in a orphanage most likely for the next eighteen years, and the day of his eighteenth birthday they will open the doors of the orphanage and make him walk out into the streets and leave him there. It is my prayer that God will wrap His mighty arms around this child, carry him, and hold him. That His angels will sing over him and let him know he's not alone. Please pray for this little boy

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