Thursday, May 3, 2012

We serve a big God

I've sat here for a while now writing and erasing my thoughts over something that has taken place this past week. I can't quite find the right words. Several people asked me to blog about this, to raise awareness and keep everyone updated, so here it goes.. Many of you have heard me talk about Kike, the child I met a year ago in El Salvador. If you don't know his story, you can find it in a previous blog post. About a month ago I was in El Salvador and one of my main goals was to find Kike, spend time with him, and figure out what his immediate needs were. I found out that he was in the hospital, and after many phone calls through Kurt, I was told I wouldn't get to see him. I came home a little heart broken that I didn't get to see him, but I knew I would be going back soon and would get to see him then. Last Wednesday night I got a call that he was dying and wouldn't make it much longer. Kike was taken to the hospital, only to hear the doctors and nurses say "We've done all we can do. He's too sick, we can't treat him". And he was sent back to the orphanage. All I knew to do or could bring myself to do was fall to my knees and cry out for God to intervene in this situation. Selfishly, something in me just didn't want this to be the end of Kike's story here on Earth. I knew that if he died, Heaven would welcome a most precious child, his body would be restored, and he would be in the arms of Christ. But in my heart there just wasn't a peace about it. At this point, Kike couldn't keep any food down and his lungs were failing. He was becoming severely dehydrated. My dad asked Kurt to take him back to the hospital and just request IV fluids in an effort to rehydrate him. They began to give him IV fluids, and to the glory of God, Kike is still alive right now and is slowly making improvements. God has completely reversed this entire situation and the way He is moving and opening doors has left me in awe. Right now Kike is stable, but his health is very fragile and things could begin to go downhill at any moment. Through a friend from Louisville, we have established contact with a Christian doctor there in El Salvador that has agreed to see, examine, and hopefully diagnose Kike. As of right now, we don't really know whats wrong with him and as a result we don't know how best to treat him. Kike has an appointment scheduled for next wednesday at 1:30, and what we do from there depends on how the appointment goes. If Kike is able to be treated in El Salvador, he will have to be admitted to a private hospital because this particular doctor is not allowed in government owned hospitals. Private hospitals are much nicer, and the patients are much better taken care of, but the government will not pay any of Kike's bills like they would if he was in a government hospital. So if it is decided that he will be treated in El Salvador, we will be paying hospital bills and trusting that God will provide the money. If he is not able to get the treatment needed in El Salvador, we have begun to look into getting him a medical visa. The process of getting him a medical visa could take at least a couple of months but that depends on many things (like a birth certificate).. If he gets a medical visa, we would bring him to the states and he would live with us while he is getting treated. If that is what door God opens, our world could potentially be rocked here in a few months. As I look over the past week though, I am just filled with joy. When I got that call last Wednesday, it was so hard for me to be so far away and know that I couldn't physically help him in any way. He was dying, and I had no way to help him, or stop that from happening. In this situation I have been forced to be still, and wait for God to answer my prayers. I have gotten to watch the way God has answered me. God heard me crying out from here in Kentucky, and He answered my prayers by saving the life of a child in a completely different country.  The phrase "We serve a big God" took on a whole new meaning this week.
Ill do my best to keep the blog updated on what's happening. Please Please Please be praying for Kike!

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