Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Much progress is being made!

I received this picture today from a friend that's in El Salvador. She said Kike spread his arms out to give me an air hug for the picture :). Kike was outside today and smiled and reached for Merany and Kurt when they arrived. He is doing so much better and he even looks better in the picture. There is no other way to explain the progress he has made other than God is doing big things in his life. There are so many people here praying for him, and God has honored our prayers. How incredible! Tomorrow we are meeting with a social worker to begin the process of becoming a certified foster home, in case the door for us to bring him here is opened. Also, tomorrow at 2:30 our time, Kike has an appointment with Dr. Acevedo. Thanks for praying, and please continue to!

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