Thursday, October 4, 2012

Today has contained many emotions.. We arrived San Martin (the orphanage for special needs) and were greeted by some of our favorite people on the planet. Urban Samba, a group of drummers, came and played for them and they had a blast. I saw some moves out of those people I had never seen before- they absolutely love to dance. We did puppets, played soccer, hit a beach ball, whatever made them happy (which didn't take much).
After lunch we started the memorial service for Kike.. We hung a plaque on the door of the room he stayed in, and Leigh Ann started to sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" in tears. From there we went to his grave and the service that followed I will never forget. A few people shared things about Kike and the profound impact he had on their lives. They told of what a warrior and inspiration he was, and all I could do was sit and listen in tears. We played a song called "Streets of Gold" and the lyrics couldn't have been more fitting.

"I want you to know
I'm leaving to let you go
One day we'll walk upon
Streets of gold
I don't remember seeing fear in your eyes
When you were fading
The day we said our goodbyes
It's easy to say that there's a reason for this
Much harder to know
That what we say is true
Everything we hold could someday slip away
Running through your veins was a slow-ticking clock
Counting down the days
And no one could make it stop
All of the time that it takes to figure it out
Could be the moments
That you can't live without
Everything we hold could someday slip away
The trouble with love is that it comes to an end
I've got a feeling I'm gonna find you again
Just in a place where love can't die

"Not Forgotten" is written above his name on his grave as a reminder that though he was forgotten by the world, he was never forgotten by God and will never be forgotten by us. We each had a rose that we placed on his grave at the end of the service, and I couldn't bring myself to lay the rose down on his grave and walk away. I felt God saying "It's ok, you can let him go because He's in my arms now". I layed it down and began walking out of the cemetery, and as I did an extreme peace flooded me. He is 100% healed, and he is no longer suffering. I am confident he is in Heaven and is talking, walking, and dancing- making up for lost time. He is experiencing the fullness of God and praise God He's there as opposed to here. I thank Jesus for the life of Kike and the way his life inspired mine. Our paths crossing was not a mistake by any means. I will always continue to be motivated by the time I spent with him and the way he fought for life. Now more so than ever, I long for Jesus to return and rescue His bride. Being immersed in so many tragic stories and broken lives makes me long for Jesus to come and make all things right. For now, we can cling to that hope that one day He will. He is coming back again!

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