Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Tuesday we finished up the house and spent the day at the school in the village. Most of the guys worked on finishing the house, and the rest of us spent the day at the school. We had so much fun- we danced with the hundreds of people the showed up, we handed out shoes, dresses, toys, food, and fed them lunch. Several kids accepted Christ on Tuesday, and we were overjoyed to watch God work in the hearts of those people. The village where we were was beautiful, it's very tropical, and surrounded by mountains. On the ride up there, we were driving up a mountain parallel to the beach and every now and then we would get a glimpse of the beach. The beauty of the scenery is beyond words. Because there were so many trees I never could get a picture, only every now and then I would get a glimpse. It finally hit me that it was such a picture of God's glory and presence. It's beautiful, we never want to leave it, and we want to see more of it. For now, we only get glimpses, and those glimpses keep us going and give us the strength to press on just because we want another glimpse. One day it will be fully revealed and we will experience Him in His fullness.
Our days at the village were so much fun and such a blessing. The family that received the house was so grateful and couldn't believe they finally had a dry place to sleep. Even though we worked harder than we ever have before, we would all agree it was a joy to serve these people.

Yesterday we took about 60 kids from Cipi to the beach. We had a blast! I got to spend most of my day with little Maybeline, she and I had a great day. I took her to the pool and she went nuts, she was screaming, laughing, splashing, and having the best time. Swimming was something she has probably never done before and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. On the way home, one of the girls stood up and said "I would like to say something. What you guys did for us today was more than we ever could have asked for. This was a day we will never forget. We love you guys"
The kids had a chance to get out of the orphanage, forget about their issues, and just be loved on. It was a day they never will forget and it was a day we will never forget either.

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  1. Proud of you and the Starfish team, and so grateful to hear how God is using each of you. Thanks for this post. Your "glimpses" of glory are such an encouragement for all of us back home!