Monday, October 1, 2012

Heart Healing and House Building

We have hardly stopped moving since we got here, and at the moment I am exhausted. We finally got a good nights sleep on Saturday night, and were ready to go on Sunday morning. We went to church and had an awesome time of worship with them-I left with a full heart so ready to start the week. From church we went to spend the rest of the day at Cipi, the government intake center for children. Kids go straight from the streets to this temporary orphanage. This particular orphanage has several different areas- special needs, teenage moms and babies, toddlers, teenage girls, and elementary age children. I walked into the special needs area and ended up staying there for the majority of the day. As soon as I stepped foot into that room, I felt myself just shut down. A child my heart was attached to, who I had spent lots of time with, spent even more time crying and praying over, just recently died and this is my first trip without him here- needless to say its gonna be tough. We haven't been to the orphanage where he was yet, but jut seeing these kids made it just a little more real to me that he's not here. Without even realizing it, I was not jumping in there and playing with them like I normally do. I wasn't loving without holding back, I was reserved. While all this was going through my head, I spotted a little girl I met back in April, her name is Maybeline. Maybeline was abused as a baby and it has left one said of her body partially paralyzed, one arm that was broken healed backwards, and a spinal injury that is hindering her ability to walk. I picked her up, and the rest of the day was spent with her in my arms. She cuddled up, and just held me and rubbed my head. It is amazing the way God is using these children to heal my heart, and bless me more than I could ever bless them. I didn't do much with the kids yesterday, but my day was spent with Maybeline and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Today on the other hand was quite an experience... We began building the house, and oh my heavens.. We had a long day, but a good day. We were told that to get to this house we would have to hike through a ravine and haul the supplies through it to get to the site. Well, a ravine was only a small part of it- we were hauling tools, lumber, gutters, roofing (you name it) up a mountain through a ravine, and up another hill to this house. We finally got all the supplies to the site, and today we managed to get the floor built, and walls assembled. Every person on our team worked beyond what they thought they could ever do. Amidst all the working, we did get time to spend with the people of that village. Over 10 children accepted Jesus Christ today!!! That made every single thing worth it, so worth it. To watch God move in those lives today was unreal.
Tomorrow we had back to the village to finish the house, feed the village, and have a party with the kids. We are pretty pumped about it!
Sorry it's short and sweet tonight, but time is limited. God bless!

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